M3-TR8 Radio Module

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Note: This product is coming soon, please contact us for further information.

SATELLINE-M3-TR8 is a data radio transceiver module in a lightweight single PCB. It is designed to operate on the pan-European license free frequencies from 868-870MHz. Compatibility with Satel’s EASy 869 standalone radio modem works out of the box. For sensitive applications, industry standard AES 128-bit encryption is available. This small, light module is designed to be integrated into a host device, for instance for transfer of GNSS correction data in a land surveying rover or RTK base station.

The M3-TR8 is designed to be flexible. The following items can be customized:

  • Mechanical fastening and its type
  • Interface and antenna connector types
  • Shape of the PCB (for large orders only)

Please contact us to learn more about customization options.

M3-TR8 Brochure

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