Tripod with Telescoping Mast and Bag

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Take high power to greater heights!

Raise the antenna up to 13 feet and increase the range by miles. Reduce ground reflection, and increase range exponentially with a more effective antenna position.

Designed for the EASy-Pro 35W and capable of connecting to the TNC antenna connector on most GPS receivers, this heavy-duty aluminum tripod features a loop for instant attachment of the EASy-Pro 35W. Designed for absolute stability, square legs and quick clamp locks enable fast deployment.

The mast is constructed of durable aluminum piping with quick clamps for easy elevation to 7 ½ feet above the tripod. Tipped in brass with 5/8 x 11 threading for the SATEL Survey pole-top antenna mount, setup is fast and simple.

Each tripod and mast comes with a heavy duty bag for transport. Fully collapsed, the 13 foot tall set packs down into a shoulder bag less than 4 ½ feet long and 9 inches diameter weighing under 13 pounds.

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